Innovative Woodwork with a Purpose

Purifying Timber: A Transformative Process

Welcome to Alembic Woodworks, where artistic expression blends with meticulous craftsmanship to construct one-of-a-kind wood creations. Our journey began with a love for woodworking and a profound appreciation for the process of transforming wood into functional pieces of art. Utilizing our CNC wood router and traditional finishing tools, we produce intricate designs while maintaining a deep connection to traditional woodworking techniques.

Our name, “Alembic,” derives from ancient apparatus that served as a vessel for purification, a concept still relevant in various forms of distillation. Similarly, our work centers on purification, taking raw timber, and refining it into a finished product. This symbolism of purification is at the heart of our creative process and deeply resonates with our philosophies.


Our product range, including wood coasters, key hangers, and custom-designed signs and plaques, serves as a testament to the artistry and dedication that define Alembic Woodworks. We uphold the highest standards and thorough attention to detail are exemplified in our novel creations, quality carving, and craftmanship.

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