About Us

 About Alembic Woodworks: Quality Carving and Craftsmanship

Intricate Process, Distinctive Products

At Alembic Woodworks, we are driven by a passion for crafting functional artistry that transcends the ordinary. Our story began with a profound love for woodworking and an unwavering dedication to the craft, but what truly sets us apart is our commitment to refining our creative process to produce art that evokes meaning.

Unparalleled Innovation

The novelty of our designs and the quality standard we uphold is a testament to imagination, creativity, and excellence. Our commitment to pushing the boundaries of woodworking is inspired by God, nature and the symbolic elements of the world around us. Our products are adorned with intricate v-carving, a hallmark of our craftsmanship that sets our creations apart, making them not only distinct but also visually captivating. We believe in the power of detail, and our work reflects the dedication we pour into every carving, ensuring each piece is a work of art in its own right.

Fusion of Aesthetic Beauty and Practical Value:

Our creative process revolves around the belief that art should not only be beautiful but also useful. Every facet of our work, from the selection of materials to the final finishing touches hinges on our dedication to quality. We ensure that every piece we create is not just a functional item but also a work of art that evokes reverence.

We take immense pride in each piece we craft from the initial design, to production on the CNC machine, final carving and finishing work. Our coasters, key hangers, signs, and plaques represent how the evolution of ideas come to life in our woodshop.

Meet The Artisans

Owners Bryce & Rushelle Comprone

We first embarked on our woodworking journey when we pursued our passion for the medium by attending cabinetry school. What started as a hobby for us naturally evolved into a business rooted in artistic woodcrafting.

This work not only fulfills our creative aspirations but also serves as an outlet for our skills to complement one another. Collaborating on designs, we determine the best approach to engineering and how to execute and enhance our ideas. Bryce is the designated Alembic Woodworks machinist, driven by his lifelong love for building things and devising innovative solutions. He finds the process of woodworking endlessly fascinating, viewing it as an ongoing journey of learning and refinement.

As the artistic force behind all of Alembic Woodworks’ designs, Rushelle draws inspiration from the wonders of life, nature, and the captivating design of the environment. She’s deeply moved by elements that evoke awe and reverence and is intrigued by the unique shapes and colors found in the world around us. After acquiring drawing, painting, Photoshop, and graphic design skills in a traditional classroom setting, she spent many years honing her style and technique as an independent artist before venturing into self-taught CAD design. The creative component of crafting with wood resonates with Rushelle’s artistic sensibilities, allowing her to bring her unique vision to life.

Adding a touch of charm to our workspace is our beloved shop dog, Charlie. A cherished member of our family for nearly two decades, he joined us as a playful 7-week-old puppy. Charlie is a constant presence in our shop, often seen sporting ear protection as he enthusiastically plays fetch with wood scraps or relaxes on his designated chair while we craft. When Charlie isn’t with us at the shop, there’s a distinct sense that something special is missing.